Supplying Control & Instrumentation Equipment Gas Stations of the National East Azerbaijan Province Gas Company
January 15, 2018
Capital Overhaul of Unit no. 3 Ramin “TPS”
December 25, 2017
Subject of the Contract
Rehabilitation of Turbo Generator, Control System for Al-Hartha TPS Unit no. 2 - Iraq
Contract No.
General contractor
Techno Prom Export “TPE”
Wadi Al-Adib Co.
Year of Performance
Period of the Contract
4 months
Unit Specification
200 MW Steam Turbo Generator (Mitsubishi- Japan)
Brief Description of activities

Do all the operation related to overhauling of turbine HP, IP, and LP Cylinders. Overhauling on generator and replace the detective shines and repair guttural of generator rotor. Disassembly, assembly and replacement all spare parts such as Nozzle boxes, blades, damping wires, Carrier rings, reconstruction all corrosions in all parts. Repair of Hydraulic and mechanical valves of Control System, Reverse engineering and Construction of defective parts.