One of the fundamental reasons of growth of well-developed societies is their attention to research and creation of strong connection between research institutes and industries. This phenomenon could result in production of science-based goods based on the industrial demand; hence, training and empowerment of students to the science, knowledge and technology is the dynamic engine of development. BGK Industrial Group, after nearly two decades of continuous activity in the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries, having a well-trained and experienced team as well as having well-known international partners. Therefore, we hope that with the help of self-confidence and trust to the Iranian students, also by sharing our 20-year experiences, can produce or develop technological products in the nearest future.

Research Club


  • Sharing our capabilities for excellence and profitability
Research Club


  • Attracting scientific elites, identifying superior and profitable ideas, turning ideas into production, investment, and manufacturing projects

Research Club


An entrepreneurial club active in making and commercializing ideas
Research Club

Main Goals

  • • Organizing selected scholars in the form of specialized groups
  • • Support for PhD theses with the ability to develop or build a commercially valuable product
  • • Ideas commercialization
Basic orientations
  • Increasing the number of club’s members
  • Participation of club’s members in company research projects
  • Participating in private and governmental tenders
  • Guidance and encouragement of member groups to inventions and innovations based on the priorities and needs of industries and utility operators.
  • Use of capabilities and partnerships of research and development centers and science parks
  • Encourage the commercialization of inventions in the members
Functions and Obligation
  • financial and spiritual support from the members
  • Creation of research workshops in line with the goals of the club and related areas of research groups
  • helping to reflect and disseminate the activities of the research groups of the club in the form of articles, books, web site and …
  • Updating the Club's Internet site and providing regular and ongoing research activities of the club
  • Linking the club's research groups with related research institutions and research centers, and developing research groups and collaborating among them and research and study centers
Article 1:

Any Iranian student studying at a master of science or postgraduate level at Iranian universities and / or international universities wishing to join a club may, subject to the availability of valuable references or outstanding work within the framework of the goals of the club, be approved by the scientific council of the club.

Article 2:

Abandoning membership is possible with the individual's request or by company decision at any time.

Research Club
Technology and Entrepreneurship Programs

In order to develop the working abilities of the members of the club with respect to their field of study, a set of programs is defined and implemented, in the hope that after graduation, these members will be able to deserve a decent salary. Selected programs in this regard include:
  • Founding a professional teams from members of the club
  • Defining and proposing project based on industrial priorities and executive sectors.
  • Participating in exhibitions related to ongoing research activities.
  • Visiting existing Research & Executive Centers
  • To hold joint meetings with scientific authorities researchers of executive agencies
  • Targeting inventions of members in line with real needs
  • Supporting the research projects of the members in order to commercialize them through: supportive grants, providing tools and facilities of Club, establishing international communications and obtaining external advice, signing the relevant contracts for prototype test and etc.
Research Club
Research projects

The club will support and sponsor the research projects of the members, which are responsible for providing the needs of the national of international executive and industrial organizations or has commercialization value. In this way, the club will maximize its efforts by establishing links with and interacting with the relevant organization, in support of the material and in financing the implementation of these projects and applying the results.
In the definition of research projects, recommendations are made:
  • Predictable goals in research projects shall be available in the short-term and shall minimize( optimize) proposal implementation time.
  • Research proposals shall be related to the field of study of members.
  • Research proposals shall be defined and implemented by team work.
Research Club
Advertising program

  • Introducing the Club and the members' abilities in the scientific events and instutions.
  • Meeting with executive and research institutions
  • Creating and updating Club website.
  • Holding the exhibition of the achievements of the members
  • Public notifications
  • Preparing an Internet newsletter
Book publishing facility

The club encourages its active members to publish their books; (It should be noted that applicants must submit official request, together with a hard copy plus electronic version of their books to the club's office. after appropriate checks the final decision will be made)
  • If the book is specialized, the applicant's member will be introduced to one of the publications and the necessary measures will be taken.
  • If the subject of book is general and non-professional, some of it will be purchased by the club for support and will be dedicated to other members.
Benefits of membership

The membership request will be examined in accordance with the terms of the Club Membership Regulations. If the membership is approved, an official membership card will be issue. All Card holders can use below privileges and facilities:
  • The membership benefits includes:
    • employment priority
    • Receiving book publishing support and covering thesis expenses for active members
  • Announcement for participation in conferences, and special meetings of the members
  • The possibility of using the club's financial facilities to implement approved research projects
  • Organizing members in specialized groups in order to define and implement researches required by executive and industrial end-users
  • Visiting scientific centers and specialized exhibitions
  • Furthermore, many more benefits can be allocated according to the case.

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