What we do:

3rd rank as a contractors in the field of Electricity

Certified for operation and maintenance of combined cycle power plants up to 500 MW by the Ministry of electricity of Iran

certifies for carry out major repairs of steam and gas power units up to 300 MW from Thermal Power Plant Holding company (TPPH) of Iran


Work in the field of power plants and repairs on rotating equipment in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries is the main activity of this company. BGK Industrial Group Company is certified for operation and maintenance of combined cycle power plants up to 500 MW by the Ministry of electricity of Iran. Also, this company is certified for carry out major repairs of steam and gas power units up to 300 MW from Thermal Power Plant Holding company (TPPH) of Iran. In addition to the aforementioned items, the company has various capabilities including: providing technical assistance and supervisory services, spare parts and equipment supply, modernization and renovation of power plants and etc.
In addition to the domestic markets, BGK Company has been entered in the international markets since 2009, including: Iraq, Russia and Georgia, which has a good background in this field.
Our services in this field include the following items, but our team always welcomes new projects that will challenge our ability and enhance the knowledge and experience of the company.

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  • Construction and commissioning of power plants
  • installation and commissioning of various Gas Turbines of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries
  • Installation and commissioning of transmission, distribution posts, and transmission lines
  • Installation and commissioning of transformers, cooling towers, condensers, boilers and Aux.
  • Collaboration in commissioning and oil flushing of units
  • Dismantling of industrial equipment and reassembly of them
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  • Operation and maintenance of power plants
  • Operation and maintenance of industrial factories and refineries
  • Providing skilled human resources (technical expert with different specializations in fields of Repair and operation of generators, boilers, cooling towers, transformers, pumps, control systems, valves and, ...)
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  • Perform major and periodical repairing of power units
  • Repair of gas turbines of oil, gas and petrochemical industries
  • Quick dispatch of expert teams and cooperation in major force repairs
  • Performing case repairs on a variety including: of steam and gas turbines and their control systems, boiler and generator repairs, testing and repairing of transformers, repairing and testing all types of pumps, and turbo-feed pumps
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Technical Assistance and supervisory services


  • Providing supervision and management services at the time of major overhaul and emergency repairing
  • on-site inspection and measuring of vibrational state of industrial equipment and prepare an analytical report to provide maintenance and repair instruction (Download the catalog of our Onsite Condition Monitoring services).
  • Dispatching Balance Expert for on-site balancing.
  • Inspection generators and carry out electrical tests at the time of stopping and running the generators to providing maintenance plan
  • Check the status of electrical Erosions on rotors shaft and provide solutions to eliminate or reduce their injuries.
  • Inspection of bearings and provision of necessary instructions to prevent bearing warming and perforation.
  • Troubleshooting vibrational signal instability in vibration monitoring systems
  • Examining the causes of Babbitt Bearing Leads and providing the necessary solutions
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Spare parts and equipment supply

  • • 1 Mw up to 5 MW of mobile-type containerized power plants
  • Main equipment of power plants (turbine rotor, generator and ...)
  • Hot section and other spare parts of gas and steam turbines
  • Blade for a compressors, gas and steam turbines
  • Disk, Disk Stage and Nozzle Box
  • Sealing rings, bolts, spring washers and ...
  • Turbo-feed pumps, feed pumps and their spare parts
  • pipes for boilers and condensers
  • all kinds of valves including: Control valves, regulators, Safety valves, shut off valves, high and low pressure valves and etc.
  • Mechanical equipment, electrical and instrumentation
  • spare parts for turbine control systems and boiler BMS
  • Electrical spare parts for generators
  • Supply of diesel generators (Volvo, Perkins, Caterpillar and ...)
  • And many other equipment ...