Rehabilitation of Al-Hartha “TPS” Unit no. 2 – Iraq
December 27, 2017
Rehabilitation of Al-Hartha “TPS” Unit no. 3 – Iraq
December 25, 2017
Subject of the Contract
Capital Overhauling of Generator, Turbine, Control System and Central Jacking Unit No.3 Ramin “TPS”
Contract No.
Ramin Thermal Power Station
Year of Performance
Period of the Contract
4 months
Unit Specification
300 MW Steam Turbine (LMZ) & 315 MW Generator (Electrosila)
Brief Description of activities

Do all the operation related to overhauling HP, IP, and LP Cylinders of turbine. Overhauling on generator and replace the detective shines and repair guttural of generator rotor. Disassembly, assembly and replacement all spare parts such as Nozzle boxes, blades, damping wires, Carrier rings, reconstruction all corrosions in all parts. Design and modify turbine jacking system and changing its layout to the central jacking and high speed balancing at the turbine site.